You Could Make These! Neon Chocolate Cookies

Neon Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate cookies provide the perfect backdrop for these simple neon sign cookies. Mix a few classic colors, get yourself a #2 piping tip, and you’re off to the races. A nice design on top of a simple backdrop can look just as nice as a more complicated cookie, as with these Mehndi inspired egg cookies.

Possible Improvements

I loved the way these cookies turned out, but because they didn’t have the normal amount of icing, they didn’t end up tasting very sweet. I personally don’t mind a cookie that’s not very sweet, especially when it’s paired with the flavor of rich chocolate. But if I did these again, I would press the chocolate cookie into granulated sugar before baking, like a classic sugar cookie, before decorating them. This would add some sweetness, and also a bit of depth in the dark backdrop. Like black velvet!

The Shady Character…

I thought a surfboard peeking out of the surf would be cute, fun…not at all dirty. But when all was said and done, everything about it looks a bit on the inappropriate side. The worst part is that I didn’t see it until after my son pointed it out. Apparently, I need to think more like a 12-year old boy. 🤔🤨

Happy baking, friends!

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