White Heart Cookie Bouquet

Heart Cookie Bouquet

I love combining a variety of techniques in a single cookie bouquet. Many different looks can give the luxury cookie variety with of a limited color palette, which is useful since many colors can take a long time to mix. These cookies were made as a wedding gift for my dear neighbors, two widowed seniors that recently got married. Don’t worry, I covered up the white foam you can see in the picture before I delivered!

Cookie Design Variety

These are the featured cookies, but not all the cookies in the bouquet were main attractions.

bread and butter cookies

Bread & Butter cookies

We have some “bread and butter” cookies in this bouquet. These are cookies that are pretty basic and fast, and can be a good simple filler against some more complicated designs. In this bouquet, this simple beige flower and this two-tone petal flower would be my bread & butters. They each just took a couple minutes to make. I used to feel back about making b&b’s, until I saw people actually eating my cookies, and they tend to be the first ones to go!

not so pretty cookies

Not-as-pretty cookies

Some of the cookies also turned out not quite as…er…attractive as the others. I’ve made quite a few butterfly cookies, so I thought I could just “wing” these ones (pun intended). Not so much. Luckily, when you put them up next to the other cookies, they just kind of become a part of the background.

Bouquet-ing the Cookies

Sometimes cookie bouquets can be very tedious work for limited reward. They do look nice in a bouquet, but cookie bouquet arrangements can be fragile and precarious. Sometimes I skip the bucket and foam and just do a paper-wrapped bouquet, like with these Tulip Cookie Bouquets.

Happy baking, friends!

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