We Go Together Like…

We go together like bacon and eggs.  Cookies and milk.  Peanut butter and jelly.  Sushi and soy sauce. This year, for Valentine’s Day, after this long, lonely year in lockdown, I choose to celebrate connections of all kinds.

The Cookies

These beautiful babes were a delight to work with. Young lovers are always so compatible.

bacon and egg cookies

Bacon and egg cookies.

Peanut butter and jelly cookies go together. First comes love, then comes sandwiches.

There is no greater love than cookies and milk. Even more amazing, a sugar cookie decorated to be a chocolate chip cookie… 🤷‍♀️

cherry cookie

Cherry love

sushi and soy sauce cookies

The Process

About a week’s planning was necessary for this project. After brainstorming a TON of perfect pairs, I decided that the food ones were my favorite (much to the dismay of my sons, the toilet paper/poop emoji pair didn’t make the cut).

All eyes, mouths, brows, and blush were made with royal icing about 4 days before filming. If you’re not sure how to make them, see my previous post on Royal Icing Transfers. Both the fragility of the royal icing transfers and the amount of time going into handling them make it crucial that they be 100% dry before starting. Make your cookies a size that allows them all to share the same features. This makes it easy to swap out features with tweezers for the stop motion.

royal icing transfers

Finally, the cherries were not a part of the original plan. The fifth design was supposed to be three peas in a pod. However, by the time I had most cookies iced, I was not terribly excited to mix up several colors of green just for one cookie. So I used a big heart cookie I already had on hand and went with something already in my color palette: cherry red.

icing color palette

Happy baking, friends. And happy Valentine’s Day.

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  1. […] Preparations for these cookies took a lot of practice. I spent time with pencil and paper making sure I was able to get the ratios of the face just right. Eyes need to be far apart, but not too far apart. Mouth in between but not too far down. A face can easily go from looking kawaii to alien if the ratios are off by just a little bit. I piped these directly onto a dry, flooded cookie. However, you could also make the eyes as royal icing transfers, and drop them onto wet icing instead, as I did with these Valentine’s Day kawaii cookies. […]

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