Ugly Sweater Cookies

…because even ugly sweaters can be delicious…

Quick little memories of past bakes.

Ugly Sweater Cookies

This is a throwback to some cookies that I made six years ago: my first pass at the revered and trendy ugly sweater cookie. Back then, I still had a lot of uncovered ground, and had yet to make the same type of cookie twice. I’m a thrifty girl, and paying $6.99 for a single cookie cutter that I may only use once just wasn’t worth it. Now I laugh at that idea, because I most definitely would’ve used it, for this project and who knows how many others. In fact, just this winter I made yet another round of Holiday Sweater Cookies.

Instead, I was resourceful. To get the cookie shaped, I used a onesie cookie cutter…from which I painstakingly cut off the bottom of the onesie, gave the body a slimmer shape, and crafted every single cookie with two hand cut “sleeves.” How many cookies did I craft in this way, you ask? A lot. Ten to twelve dozen maybe? Again, now I laugh at those days.

The Daddy Cookie

These cookies were also made during a time when I was doing a lot of baking, and barely any documenting. A few quick pics before the cookies went out the door, and I was good. But for this set of cookies, I recall that my kids thought it was hilarious that I forgot the hat on one of the snowmen. They called it, “the daddy cookie.” Ha! So, I apparently found that to be picture-worthy as well. I’ve learned my lesson since then. Digital space is cheap, just take the pics and why stop there? Record all the videos, too!

Happy baking, friends!

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