Tulip Cookie Bouquet

When I think of a cookie bouquet, I think of anything but cookies: the assembly, the sticks, the arranging, the foam, the finding of pretty stuff to cover the foam, the vase or cup or whatever you decide to pack it in…it can be a lot of tedium. These tulip cookie bouquets are a great solution when you need to make many bouquets in a short amount of time. The simple design makes for fast production, and the no-fuss paper packaging gives it a rustic look without the tedium of a traditional cookie bouquet. And only 2 colors to mix! (Some of my most elegant designs have come from a simple color palette, like these Bee Monogram cookies.)

The Cookie Bouquet

Need to knock out a dozen cookie bouquets in an evening? These bad boys might get you there…

The Design

I no longer try to get all the flower cookie cutters, because it it simply an impossible task. But luckily enough, I have enough cutters in my library to give me enough options to be creative. I did use one actual tulip cookie cutter, but I’ve found that most cutters are too literal to make an memorable design, and I’ve started to find ways I can make a subject more interesting by approaching it from a different angle.

This variation used the actual tulip cutter, with a modified stem from the base of a wand and a leaf cutter.

This variation took a bit more creativity. I saw that my hot pepper cutter could be a great candidate for a big flat tulip leaf, but needed to find a way to get the actual tulip in there. A little modification of the shape made it easy to form a tulip bud in the center.

Finally, I knew that I needed a few “lightweight” cookies for the front of the bouquet. Ones that I could either adhere to the others or float in the front of the paper wrap. This tulip bud and leaf did the trick. The tulip bud was a leaf cutter with a small wedge snipped out of the top. A bit of reshaping and it looked pretty good! In order to get my leaf to look longer and flatter, I simply worked the cookie to have a bit more length. Each modification only took a few extra seconds and didn’t set me back at all.

Finishing Touches

These cookies were for a work function, so the finishing touch was to adhere a logo cookie to the paper (royal icing works perfectly for that), and finally bag it and tag it!

I hope your next thank you is as sweet as these guys. Happy baking, friends!

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