The Sweet Speak | Raising a Child on the Spectrum

Where’s the Q? | Karen: Raising a Child on the Spectrum

This Sweet Speak features Karen and her journey of raising a child on the autism spectrum. The future holds uncertainty, adventure, and possibly a couple of tiny homes.  

“James is very much like every other kid, everything is just really intensified.”  Karen shares her beautiful story of the challenges and rewards of raising a child on the autism spectrum, and her projections of a future of uncertainty, adventure, and possibly a couple of tiny homes. 

The Cookies

All brains put things together a little bit differently.

Angels can appear anywhere…including bookstores.

angel cookie

Tiny home cookies…ready for anything.  Karen is a truly a model of how to parent a child on the spectrum, and how to truly encourage his strengths and help him thrive.

tiny home royal icing cookies

Where’s the Q?  James likes patterns and consistency, so any change to the norm can cause discomfort of even frustration.

James’s first words were common: go, car, ball, cat, and apple.  But those were his first, and only, words for almost a year.

cat go ball car apple royal icing sugar cookies

A beautiful brain can work in may ways.  Like Karen, if you start to see signs of autism spectrum disorder in your child, seek help in order to utilize resources and support.

beautiful mind brain sugar cookie royal icing

Thank you Karen, for your willingness to open up your world and allow us to hear your story about raising a child with autism spectrum disorder. 
The Sweet Speak is a video series that uses cookies to share stories of everyday human amazingness.  If you have a story that you would like to tell, please Contact me!

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