The Sweet Speak: Jaime (Leadership in the Non-Profit Sector)

Shazam! Jaime shares her 23 years of experience in the non-profit sector, speaks to some of the diabolical dilemmas women face, and gives some tips on how to be a superhero in your career.

sugar cookie prep
BEFORE: If you need an exact cookie size or shape, don’t bother trying to get it before you bake. I cut my design with my son’s math ruler as soon as I pulled the cookies out of the oven, before they had a chance to cool and set.
royal icing sugar cookie super hero
Nothing says regal like the wind blowing though your hair.
royal icing woman phone comic sugar cookie
Her fingers look pretty wonky, but don’t stress the small stuff if it doesn’t turn out perfect. The most useful thing I ever learned in an art class is to spend lots of time on the eyes, because humans are naturally drawn to look at the eyes of both animate and inanimate objects.
royal icing comic woman sugar cookie pop art
Every layer of detail is another chance to make a mistake, so when doing a complicated cookie design, be sure to make extras.
royal icing woman lips sugar cookie pop art
Lips are dramatic and quick because they don’t require as much detail.
royal icing pop art sugar cookie woman
When adding details on top of dry icing, make sure it’s completely dry first. I was excited to get these done, and didn’t wait long enough…when I made a mistake and tried to scrape it away, her skin came with! D:
sugar cookie comic page
AFTER: all the cookies decorated and in place!

Happy baking!

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