Ski Cookies

Ski cookies!!!  It was a long and uneventful summer, with just a fraction of our usual activity because of coronavirus.  But the recent snowfall has made all of us feel excited about getting out on the slopes.

Watch the video above to see how a haunted house cookie cutter be used to make a batch of ski cookies!  Hint: a haunted house cookie cutter is more useful than you think.

Choosing the Right Cutter

haunted house cookie cutter

These ski cookies were made for a winter sports award ceremony for my son’s ski team last winter. I knew I wanted to make goggle cookies, and also I wanted to match the BBSEF mountain logo. Sometimes, if I want to get a special shape, I’ll cut a piece of paper and use it like a stencil on the rolled dough. But since I was making many of these, I needed to use a cutter for efficiency. Also, I needed to make all the cookies roughly the same size since these cookies were being served to kids. Nobody wants any cookie fights might break out! Haunted house cutter to the rescue!

The Cookies

ski cookies

I didn’t really have time to make these cookies, and needed to get them done fast.  In order to get them done without sacrificing design, I limited myself to only three colors, and chose designs that would do well with a mostly white-flooded base.  Strategies like this can make a big difference!  The first night, I baked, made the icing, and did all of the white flooding (no mixing of colors necessary!).  The next night, I mixed all my colors, and did the remaining flooding and decorating.  Boom!

ski cookies

Happy baking, friends.  Stay safe, pray for snow, and find ways to enjoy the outdoors safely.

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