Quilt Cake – Layering Fondant Over a Form

Fondant can be a wonderful decorating tool.  However, one of my earliest mistakes working with fondant was assuming that it would hide my cake’s imperfections.  But as I progressed in my decorating skills, I found creative ways to use fondant’s revealing nature to my advantage.

I started with a body form to lay under the fondant “blanket.”  The body form is made from the cake scraps shaved off the top to level the cake, and a small amount of icing for binding.  Essentially, it’s a body made of cake ball!

body form
Body form made out of cake scraps and icing.


buttercream cover body
Ice the body to moist, as well as to help bind the fondant.


shape under fondant quilt
Place on cake “bed” and add all decorations that will be visible above the fondant quilt.


body form baking
My model looks a bit more chipper than her fondant counterpart. 🙂


fondant cake design
I went into the quilt design with a plan of action!


fondant cake quilt sleeping
The fondant quilt shows the perfect amount of body form details.


Quilt cake
I made the quilt decorations with royal icing.  Another great option would’ve been edible markers or painting with gel color.


fondant cake quilt
She didn’t turn out half bad, just don’t look too closely at the details.

Happy baking, folks!

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