Purple Prince Cookies

The Prince Cookies

Purple guitars, purple glasses, and microphones make these cookies a Prince-lover survival kit.

purple prince royal icing sugar cookies


I love looking for ways to improve my cookies. It makes me a better artist and baker. If I were to do these again, I would change a few things. The piping icing is a bit jagged. This is probably because it was a little too thick, or because I piped right against the cookie instead of letting it ease onto the cookie from above. Also, the purple is terrible. I think I started with violet and then added black to make it darker. I should’ve just added more violet, like I did with these sunset cookies. Adding more color, or a different color often makes the color deeper. Adding black will make it darker, but it also makes the color more muted rather than vibrant.

Finally, I couldn’t fit the appropriate amount of “strings” on the guitars, so I only piped four instead of six. As a musician, this still bugs me. I still don’t think I could fit six strings on there, but at least I could’ve only put four tuning pegs instead of six. Haha!

 Originally posted on September 6, 2015

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