Pokémon Cookies

A quick blast from the past with some Pokémon cookies featuring Pikachu, Snivy, and Caterpie. I made these back in 2014 when I was just a budding cookie artist using Royal Icing Transfers, and this was one of my first attempts at it. It’s a great technique for a cookie artist to have in their repertoire. There are soooo many fun and creative things that you can do with them.

Notice that they are just adhered directly to a blank cookie? That wasn’t on purpose, though it does highlight those beautiful vanilla beans nicely! No, no, that was purely a “lemons out of lemonade moment.” Waiting an extra day for my royal icing transfers to dry hard enough for me to remove them from the film without breaking. Folks, royal icing is sugar and meringue, and it will keep forever. Do yourself and your birthday boy a favor and make those royal icing transfers WEEKS in advance! They will be a dry as a Necco wafer (am I dating myself?), and you’ll have plenty of time to safely plop them onto a nicely flooded cookie.

Can you find any broken royal icing transfers in the Pokémon cookies below?…

Happy baking, friends!

Memory from September, 2014

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