Pizza Pickle Cookies

Props like an pizza box can add extra fun to your pizza cookies.  These were made to share with my son’s 2nd grade classroom, and they were a big hit!

pizza and pickles sugar cookies
Pizza pickle cookies

Baking Tips

  • Use a large Tupperware or bowl to cut the rolled dough.  Bake as a circle, then cut into slices just after the cookie are pulled out of the oven.  This reduces spread from baking and ensures that your “pizza” slices fit together nicely.

Icing Tips

  • Don’t use white icing for the cheese, it won’t look quite right.  You’ll want to make your cheese slightly yellow or off-white.  Tint the white with a tiny bit of yellow and brown, warm brown, or even ivory.
  • The pepperoni  on this pizza are actually cookies!  Make red dough, chop pieces of red and uncolored dough together, squish together, form a log, and wrap in plastic wrap.  Refrigerate for at least an hour, then slice thin and bake.  Watch them carefully, as they will bake fast.  However, a slightly overcooked “pepperoni” might give you just the kind of browning that you are looking for.
  • Ice your layers in batches.  Add some red “sauce,” and allow it to dry for at least an hour.  Then add your “cheese.”  Make sure the icing is thin enough to lay smooth but also retain it’s shape to gloop over the edges.   Add your pepperoni while your cheese icing is still wet, but ice your remaining toppings after it’s dry to add more dimension.


  • If I were to do this again, I’d probably add some depth to the crust.  They look a little flat.  Maybe some highlights with a yellow icing, dust the edges with a brown dust to get some depth, or maybe go back over and add some texture with the same color of brown icing.

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