Nerf Cake

nerf fondant cake darts
Nerf cake

If there’s one thing that defines the Nerf look, it’s nailing the Nerf yellow. Keep in mind that when mixing the color into your fondant, it will continue get darker for a couple hours, so mix accordingly. For this yellow, I used Americolor Egg Yellow with just a hint of Orange.

Make the fondant darts a couple days ahead of time to allow them to dry so they don’t flop over when you assemble the cake. Put a pretzel stick in the center of the dart while it’s wet. Extend the pretzel beyond the tip of the dart to use it to poke into the cake. You could also use a kebab skewer or toothpick. While this does tend to work better, you will want to warn the kids before serving so they don’t accidentally bite down on a mouthful of sharp wood!

nerf cake buttercream fondant darts This cake was kept simple (and tastier) without the fondant covering, and each kid participated in the cake decorating by being able to stick a Nerf dart into the cake. It was a much simpler design, but much more fun!

nerf cake buttercream

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