Moustache Cookies & Creative Use of Cookie Cutters

Google “moustache cookies” and you will get a surprising number of hits.  I wonder, will this decade be remembered for our love of beards and moustaches?  How did we come to love them so much?  And yet, here I am…making man cookies.

beard man bow tie sugar cookies royal icing
Gentleman cookies

How many of these cookie cutters look planned?  Did you guess that this lineup is actually includes a dog bone, a bee hive, an Easter egg, an acorn, and a pumpkin?  I learned early on in my cookie-ing that you don’t need a cookie cutter for everything.  In fact, sometimes the creative solution can end up much more interesting than a planned one.  In fact, constraints can be amazing for innovation.

gentleman cookie cutters
Gentleman cookie cutters

Granted, I have a lot of cookie cutters.  Hundreds.  So when I go to make something new, I can hardly justify getting more cookie cutters.  That being said, if you’re still growing your collection, I encourage you to stock up.  Check the clearance sections after a holiday and you’re bound to find some stragglers for a great price.  So when you have a random bake like gentleman moustache cookies, you’ll be ready!

Oh, and one more thing: one improvement that could be made for these cookies is a thinner blue and green icing.  It looks a little lumpy and that’s because it was not quite thin enough to settle down and lay flat.

Happy baking, friends.

 Originally posted on October 21, 2014

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