Mehndi Inspired Easter Egg Cookies

It’s time for a cultural mashup: Easter egg cookies combined the beautiful grace and detail of henna body art.

The inspiration for these cookies came from the recent arrival of a long overdue piping tip: the PME 00 tip. It’s a tip that allows for more detailed and intricate designs, and I have always wanted to give it a shot. This seemed like the perfect project.

The Easter Cookies

My art is nowhere near as amazing as some of these henna artist, but it was really fun to put on some music, pull up some inspiration, and just improvise.

I love that beautiful flower design, perfect for the brush embroidery effect.

I like to isolate the bits and pieces that have the lines and look that catch your eye, and improvise on it.

This egg uses a combination of my Wilton #1 tip and my new PME 00 tip. I used the #1 tip when I wanted a heavier line, and you can see how much thicker it is!

The one on the left was a bit of a fail, but I am not perfect and nor are my cookies. On the left is my first attempt, and the right is my sixth cookie. It took some practice but I was able to get some smoother lines after just a few cookies.

The Process

PME tip 00

Using a tip this size is definitely going to take some practice. While I don’t often do projects that require a lot of intricate detail, like these winter wedding cookies, when I do I can usually get around a superfine tip by using my scribe or a toothpick to get the detail I’m looking for.

Not only does this tip expose every little detail, but it also requires precise accuracy of your icing consistency. While piping for just this project alone, my icing went from a bit too thick for a tip this size (curly piping) to to thin (too much spreading) in just a few hours. A tip this fine will really require my game to be on point!

But it’s fun to watch the progression as I became more comfortable with this tip:

  • mehndi easter egg cookie
  • mehndi easter egg cookie
  • mehndi easter egg cookie
  • mehndi easter egg cookie
  • mehndi easter egg cookie
  • mehndi easter egg cookie
  • mehndi easter egg cookie

Happy Easter, and happy baking my friends.

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