Leprechaun Cookies

Leprechauns are hiding…in a cupcake cookie cutter. When it comes to something as obscure as leprechaun cookies, get creative!

The Leprechaun Cookies

These leprechauns were pretty easy, and only required a few colors! I intentionally made the copper icing for his beard a bit thicker so that I could get a small amount of movement and texture.

The Process

For these leprechaun cookies, with the intention of simply putting a hat onto a circle, I scoured my cutters to find a “hat” that might do the trick. Always on the lookout for a hack, the base of the cupcake cutter really stood out to me as a viable leprechaun hat! Likewise, I appear to have loaned out my clover cutter, so I was on the hunt for something that might be a good fit. Mr. Peach cutter looked like a good candidate.

cupcake cookie cutter
Leprechauns are hiding in the strangest places!

Past Bakes

Back when we were a more social country, my St. Pattie’s day cookies from three years ago was a bit more focused on the beer. You can’t see it well, but I also brushed the coins with some gold dust, though I probably didn’t use enough, as they should show up easily in images, like with these Baby Girl Carousel Cookies.

If I were to do these again, I’d use a thicker white piping icing to get better definition in both the “bubbles” and the outline around the stein. Conversely, I’d take the time to outline the shamrock on the coin with piping icing, and then fill with flood. Instead, I did the whole design in piping icing, which was probably too thick.

Always room for improvements!

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