A Snowy Holiday, and Bread & Butter Cookies

Bread, butter, and holiday cookies.


Quick little memories of past bakes

Holiday Cookies

These holiday cookies were fun to create. I love the color palette and the modernization of the trees (I believe my inspiration for them was a digital Christmas card I came across). One awesome trick for making sure the colors of your palette mesh is to mix them all in the same bowl. This “borrows” a bit of color from one color to the next. For example, when I created these, I first mixed the very light grey, then the dark grey. Then with a little grey still in the bowl, I added some more white royal icing and added the yellow color. This dampened the yellow color a bit while also marrying it to the grey.

Don’t Forget the Bread and Butter

The best advice I ever received when it comes to designing a cookie collection is “don’t forget the bread and butter.” Most bakeries have some more expensive or labor-intensive items, but they are offset by faster and/or cheaper items to produce. The “bread and butter” items. They are faster and easier to create, but still look great amidst the more elaborate cookies.

Can you spot the bread and butter in this batch? If you guessed the snowflakes, then you are correct. And maybe also the simpler triangle trees. These are good “filler” cookies that were faster, took less colors, and could be completed quickly. This helped offset the longer time that it took to do the houses, snowmen, and reindeer.

See if you can spot the bread and butter cookies in these Cookie Collections.

Happy baking, friends!

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