Hawaiian Luau Cookies

Nothing says summer like Hawaiian luau cookies. Even though they were made for a party in dry, landlocked Idaho, the Hawaiian shirts, hibiscus flowers, and pastels make it feel like summer on the island.

hawaii sugar cookies royal icing hawaiian shirt


Hawaiian Luau Icing Techniques

This batch would’ve been a great one to teach a beginner!  See if you can spot all the different icing techniques on these Hawaiian luau cookies:

  • Wet on wet 
    • the hibiscus flower pattern of Hawaiian shirt cookies
    • the stripe and polka dot detail of the flip-flop cookies
    • the color blending of the sunset cookies
  • Wet on dry 
    • the piped shirt details such as the collar and the pockets of the Hawaiian shirt cookies
    • the thong of the flip-flop cookies
  • Sugar on wet 
    • the sand of the beach in the sunset cookies
  • Royal icing transfers 
    • the palm tree silhouette of the sunset cookies
    • the red royal icing flowers, dropped directly onto a still-wet flooded cookie


Did you know?…

I didn’t have a shirt cookie cutter for the Hawaiian shirt cookies, so I just cut the bottom off of a onesie cookie cutter.  The shirts are a little short in the torso, but I would argue that just makes them more endearing.  

onesie cookie cutter

 Originally posted on June 23, 2014

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