Happy to Horror Halloween Cookies

Halloween cookies at their creative best by reimagining with cookie cutters!

By far, the best part of cookie art-ing is executing fun and creative ideas.  Some of you probably already know Sweet Sugar Belle and her amazing ability to reimagine cookie cutters in new and creative ways.  I’m not too shabby at it myself, with my haunted-house turned ski slope cookies. 😉 Creative use of cutters was my inspiration for these Fun to Frightening Halloween cookies.  Also a good application of the reverse feature of my video editor, which I’ve always wanted an excuse to use.  If you haven’t watched the video, I recommend it!

Halloween Cookies

Watermelon…or Bloody Knife?

This one is my favorite!

Tulip…or Ghostly Shadow?

The stem at the top could also be an opportunity for a knife in the head!

Harvest Pumpkin…or Terrifying Jack-o-Lantern?

Not gonna lie, this jack-o-lantern cookie will be turning your mouth black. See that cratering on my pumpkin (on the left)? That was me being lazy. See my Hot Air Balloon post for tips on how to avoid that.

Flower Bouquet…or No Face?

If you’re up on your Japanese cartoons, you know No Face. He’s a lonely ghost from Spirited Away that can ingest others to absorb their personality.

Flip Flop…or Scream Mask?

Both are black, white, simple and effective. 🙂

Pineapple…or Mummy?

A beheaded mummy, apparently. In the video, you’ll see that I used Royal Icing Transfers to make the eyes.

I don’t usually make Halloween cookies because I’m too busy eating bite-sized Butterfingers and Twix. But that will have to change because, let me tell you, Halloween cookies are SO fun. Happy baking, friends!

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