Godzilla Cookies – King of the Monsters (and cookies)

The Godzilla Cookies

If it were Godzilla’s birthday, do you think he would want some Godzilla cookies? Hard to know, but I’m guessing no. Unless they were human-flavored cookies. But someone did Godzilla cookies, and not of the human-flavored variety, so I was able to deliver!

I’ve not made Godzilla cookies before. But I did once make this Iguana Cake, which is also a giant reptile, so kinda close?

iguana cake fondant

Didn’t Make the Cut

There was one Gozdilla cookie that didn’t make the video feature cut. I had tried to do some fun texturing with the background, and it just ended up looking messy. But even more concerning is how primitive this Godzilla looks. At the time, I thought it looked like a 2 year old child had drawn it. I can see now that it actually looks more like a six year old drew it. Slightly better, but not feature-worthy.

Above, you can see the inspiration for the cookie. I will admit that he looks a bit primitive in the original as well, but that might just be his “look.” When viewed with the rest of the collection, he doesn’t look half bad.

All packed up and ready to go. Hours of work packed into one tiny little box. 🦖♥🍪

Happy baking, friends!

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