Florida Cookies

Florida sugar cookies royal icing
Florida Beach Sunset Cookies

Sprinkle granulated sugar on royal icing after you’ve flooded your cookie in order to create a sandy look! 

If I were to go back and do these cookies again, I would make sure there was no “seam” between the colors on the sunset cookies.  In these early days, I didn’t trust my freehand.  So I made the black palm trees in advance as royal icing transfers and dropped them onto the wet sunset background.  I kept the flood icing fairly thick, causing a distinction between the colors.  If I could recreate it now,  I would make sure the sunset colors are all the same consistency of flood icing, allow the base to dry, and then pipe the silhouette onto the top.  BTW, they were made with a shooting star cookie cutter.  🙂

 Originally posted on October 25, 2013

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