Coronavirus Cookies

Cornavirus, 2020.  Who knew back in March that we would still be in the thick of it five months later?  Like many others, when we were first locked down, we had to cancel our big spring break trip that we had planned to Mt. Rushmore.  And like everyone else, we suddenly had a lot of time at home, so it’s not surprising that we spent an evening baking and then eating our feelings, via coronavirus cookies.



coronavirus cookies royal icing sugar cookie

Keeping up with coronavirus means constantly seeing those iconic coronavirus images. You know the ones. I just couldn’t help myself. I had to reproduce it. 

coronavirus cookies sugar cookies royal icing

The name coronavirus comes from the Latin word corona, for the “crown” that encompasses the virus itself.  That was a useful image to keep in mind while the kids were decorating their coronavirus cookies. coronavirus cookie royal icing Kids made their own coronacookies…very cathartic!

 Sometimes I am guilty of not trusting the kids with the icing.  But I don’t give them enough credit. They are constantly asking if I have any “mess ups,” but I should be handing them the icing more often to make their own cookies. They’re quite good. We had a lot of fun on this bake, and at least this is one coronavirus that they didn’t have to be afraid of.

kids making cookies

Looking forward to the day when we can once again hug our at-risk loved ones. Feeling thankful that we are still gainfully employed with a roof over our head. And good health care!   Stay safe out there.  coronavirus cookies royal icing sugar cookie

In all seriousness, coronavirus is no joke. Please mask up, stay safe, and stay home if you have symptoms. Take care, friends!

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