Christmas Cookies – 8 Fresh Holiday Animals

Christmas Animal Cookies

As I approach my ninth Christmas season of cookie decorating, I’m starting to feel a little tired of the same old Christmas animal cookies: reindeer, polar bears, penguins, mice. Time to switch it up a bit. It was hard to narrow down, but these beauties made the final cut for the Christmas animal auditions: hammerhead shark, flamingo, llama, hedgehog, axolotl, butterfly, and manatee.

Cookie Design

These cookies were for my annual cookie exchange, so they needed to be neither uniform nor perfect. And because I made 2 dozen cookies of each animal, I had the luxury of figuring out my design as I went. Even after I decided on the center design, it continued to morph as I went. Some people really strive for perfection with their cookies, but for me that takes the joy out of it. It’s art but it’s also fleeting, and will eventually end up in someone’s stomach, so just have fun with it!

The Motley Crew

Which Christmas animal cookie is your favorite? The manatee is my favorite. He brings back memories of living in Florida and feeding the sweet sea cows carrots.

And if you haven’t already, definitely try your hand at some Ugly Sweater Cookies. Happy baking, friends!

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