Care Bear Cookies

These Care Bear cookies were done mostly by freehand…mostly.  I did cut out some silhouettes and scratched out a light outline before making it official with black piping icing.  The rest was pretty easy to freehand once the silhouette was in place!  Sometimes, I admit, I surprise myself with my freehand ability.  But, because they took a lot of careful focus and attention to detail, an entire batch took quite a while to complete. And because they are a familiar character, the ratios and proportions are pretty crucial to get just right.

Care Bear royal icing sugar cookies
Care Bear cookies

The fine details of the faces were done with edible black marker.  Much of the detail on their bellies were done with a toothpick or scribe to get the lines and shapes just right.  Also, while it’s standard to ice cookies completely, sometimes it looks nice to leave a bit of “naked” cookie.  I left them open out of convenience after making a rough outline in the cookie.  But after I had completed a few, I decided to I liked the minimal look and kept them all that way.  I encourage you to play around with your designs in the same way…sometimes you never know what you like best until you give it a shot.

 Originally posted on April 14, 2013

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