Bee Monogram Cookies

I used a stencil to spray a gold honeycomb pattern onto these bee monogram cookies.  The flowers were piped using white icing, but with a painted yellow center and some white nonpareils to finish it off.  You can also try filling your piping back with two tones of icing and getting some variation that way.

honeycomb bee monogram royal icing sugar cookie
Monogram bee cookies

The monograms were done freehand, which I rarely recommend, unless the letter is an “easy” one, like M.  At the very least, I will stipple a few guide points to ensure that my letters are all of uniform size and proportion.

 Originally posted on September 6, 2014

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  1. […] amounts, but will give you nice clean lines for fitting them together.  I did not do this for my Bee Monogram Cookies, and even though they turned out beautiful, they could fit together a bit […]

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