Baby Announcement Cookies – 7 Ways to Announce a Baby!

Baby Announcement Cookies

Baby announcements are fun, and baby announcement cookies are even…funner! How did you announce your baby, and was it this delicious? I wasn’t cookie-ing when I had my babies, but I can still have the joy of these cookies vicariously.

The Color Palette

Because mixing icing colors can be just as time-consuming as the baking, I try to double-up whenever possible. So these baby announcement cookies shared icing with these Hawaiian Shirt Cookies and these Hot Air Balloon Cookies. If I can make large quantities of just a few icing colors, then I can just all my bakes ready and knocked them out (no pun intended 😝). All the more important to get them iced sooner rather than later, since royal icing can separate, and once it does I find the consistency is just never the same.

The (Cookie) Delivery

After COVID-19 hit, I didn’t share many cookies. None of us really knew much about it at the time. But once it was discovered that it wasn’t really transmitted via food, I invested in this Impulse Sealer, and started individually wrapping my cookies. It’s a bit extra waste, but it does feel like there’s just another layer of safety for the cookie recipients. And the sealed cookies can be eaten for weeks (or even months if kept frozen) after delivery. A win-win for everyone!

Happy baking, friends!

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