Animal Print Fondant Cakes

Pink animal print cake
Pink animal print cake

Animal print fondant cakes can be some of the easiest fondant cakes that you can make! Your animal print can be created before or after you cover your cake in fondant.  One will give it a flat look (pink cheetah print above), while the other will be a more 3D look (pink tiger print above).

cheetah fondant cake leopard print
Cheetah print cake

The inset method is simple:

  1. Roll out your base color.
  2. Cut out your animal patterns (spots, stripes) and place on top of the base color.  Cut the pattern slightly smaller than you want it to end up,a as it will grow as you roll it.  If you make your own fondant like I do, you may need a bit of water to affix it to the base color.
  3. Gently roll until flat, cover cake!

Use the leftover fondant to decorate the cake!

tiger stripe fondant cake animal print
Tiger striped cake

In our house, I allowed the kids to choose one stuffed animal to have a birthday celebration every year.  Their most beloved stuffed animals: Cheetah and Tiger. <3  Happy baking, everyone.

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